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Worship & Kids Church

Worship, Kids Church, & Youth Worship

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Worship, Kids Church, & Youth Worship

6:30 PM

Worship, Kids Church, & Youth Group

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Youth Ministry​


211114 Sowing & Reaping Square Safe

The Paradox of Generosity

Generosity is paradoxical. Those who give, receive back in turn. By spending ourselves for others well-being, we enhance our own standing. In letting go of some of what we own, we better secure our own lives. By giving ourselves away, we ourselves move toward flourishing.

November Night Of Worship

Please welcome the musical group Bloom from Bushnell University! Join us for songs, bible reading, and prayer, in person or online. 

211118 Bushnell Night Of Worship

Financial Peace Tools Now Available

Hey Northwood, we’ve got some exciting news. There’s a new resource you and your family can use called Ramsey+. Together, we’ll learn the proven plan to handle money, budget what God has given us, and track our progress so we can live and give like God wants us to. Click the button below and get signed up today!

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