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6:30 PM

Children checking in for Sunday School

Check In

When you arrive at Northwood, head to our Kids Church Check-In table to get your kids registered. Your child will receive a name tag sticker with any allergies listed and a unique number that matches a tag that you will get, as their approved pick-up person. Our Kids Church teachers are trained to only release kids to whoever has a matching number. We care about safety and want you to be assured that your kids are safe with us!

Nursey & Toddler Care

Nursery & toddler care is staffed with experienced childcare providers who are effective in interacting with and comforting infants and toddlers. After you check in at the Kids Church Check-In table, you can immediately drop your infants and toddlers at the Nursery. Nursery workers will give you a number card that they can use to page you during the service if your child needs you, or if our workers have questions or concerns. This number flashes on a small screen on the side of the sanctuary. If you prefer to keep your child with you, ask one of our greeters about our Family Room – a place where you can watch the service, let your child play, and keep your young one close.

Preschool & Kindergarten

During our worship services, kids will stay with their parents or guardians in the sanctuary for the musical portion of service. We recognize the importance of worship and children learn so much from watching their adults in worship. Children are released from the sanctuary to follow our Kids Church Teachers to their age-appropriate classrooms. Your kids will get time to play and socialize, a Bible story and lesson that fits with their learning level, a snack, and make a craft that you can take home and hang up on your refrigerator!

Grade School

During our worship services, kids will join their parents or guardians in the sanctuary for the musical portion of service. Your kids learn so much by watching you worship. Children are released from the sanctuary to follow our Kids Church Teachers to a time of group worship aimed just for our older kids. They will sing songs together and break out into grade-level classes, where they will hear a Bible story and learn how to read the Bible!

Upcoming Events

If your child has questions about baptism, this is a great class to get some answers. Sign up with Julie if you’re interested. (Parent participation is encouraged)

Parent Resource Center

Make sure to check out our new Parent Resource Corner (next to our Kids Check In Station).
This month we're featuring "How to Teach Your Kids to Pray." Several helpful ideas & free samples for you to use!

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Northwood Kids

Meet The Team

Northwood Christian Preschool

Northwood Christian Preschool is a place where children are told they are valued, loved, important, respected, free, and forgiven. In every aspect of our school, from snack time, to learning circles, to playground activities, to waiting in line, we want to reflect and share God’s love with the children and their families.

We believe all children have the innate curiosity to ask questions, search for answers, test boundaries, and learn from their choices. We continually follow children’s interests and scaffold them into age appropriate math, science, and literacy activities.

For more information about Northwood Christian Preschool, please call the church office or email the preschool at