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The Northwood Family Just Got A Whole Lot More Connected

As Northwood continues to grow, the leadership needed to figure out how to keep the community roots deep and strong. Pen and paper only get so far when we see hundreds of regular attenders, several new visitors, and now those who engage with us online. The Tree helps us connect with you and similarly helps you connect with one another in easy but powerful ways.

Welcome to The Tree!

The Tree is Northwood’s management system, and whether you realized it or not, you may have been using it. We started using The Tree for things like registration early in our reopening process, many of our forms or sign-ups run through The Tree, Kids Church has been using it for Child Check-In, and more.

We’ve reached a point where we wanted to be a little more formal about The Tree while also opening up more of its features and benefits directly to you all. We are looking forward to collaborating with you on events & calendars, small groups & classes, in addition to some integrations with our existing app for things like mobile check-in or needs requests.

You can currently find more info or dive into it yourself from the website or our app. If you haven’t already set up a username and password, you may have received a welcome email letting you do so. Otherwise, you may request access from the login page.

Once you have access to your account on The Tree, we have a few things we think you ought to check out.

  1. Once you have logged in and landed on the homepage, familiarize yourself with what you are seeing. The left-hand bar has loads of info such as groups you are in, calendars, giving, and more.
  2. At any time, the top right corner is how you can access your account settings. Head into there and try uploading a profile picture.
  3. If your family is listed, you can upload a family picture and individual pictures for each profile.
  4. Click Actions within your profile to set your communication preferences and your privacy settings.
  5. Click Edit Profile to verify all your information. Add any fields not completed, including preferred service.
  6. Groups can text via The Tree if their communication preferences allow texting. If you are willing to receive texts, list your cell provider in your contact info section.

If you find yourself having trouble accessing your account, are curious about a feature, or have any other sort of comment or concern, we encourage you to reach out to us by completing a help ticket here.

We are excited to share The Tree with you and continue to make Northwood a place where we can get connected and grow together.

The Tree Features


Find and connect with small groups, classes, and community.


Stay tuned into what is happening at the church and get connected to opportunities to get involved.


Sunday morning check-in done fast, simple, and safe.


An easy way to get involved with the Northwood's ministry efforts and track your tithes and special giving.

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