Join us in this step of bold faith

We ask you to join us in prayer for God’s clear leading and a willingness on our part to follow the leading of God.

“Take possession of the land and settle in it, because I have given it to you to occupy.” Numbers 33:53 NLT


  • 1. To encourage our church family to grow spiritually.
  • 2. To practice generosity.
  • 3. To enhance our unity.
  • 4. To experience great joy and God’s blessings.
  • 5. To create more space for those who want and need a church home.
  • 6. Help us develop eyes of faith.

DONATIONS ARE STILL WELCOME | Extra Funds Will Continue To Help The Campaign & Future Building

Take Possession Of The Land 100%
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Committed as of March 11, 2020

90-day Capital Campaign
Marcola Meadows Land Purchase
Frequently Asked Questions

Explain the 90-day fundraising effort to pay for the full cost of the land.
The focus of this effort is raising cash, allowing us the opportunity to pay for the land in full within 3 months.

What does Senior Pastor Barry Lind have to say about this new opportunity?
Barry’s Bold Faith sermon series is his expression of support for this project and encouragement to everyone to join this next step of our church’s journey.

Where is the land?
8 acres on the west side of the Marcola Meadows Development Site. Located just east of Albertsons off Marcola Road.

What is the expected cost of the land?
$1.2 million. Our experts say it is an exceptional purchase price. Our experts are Dan Hill, Senior Principal, Arbor South Architecture and Gary Martin, Principal Broker and Partner, CW Walker and Associates.

How many acres is our current site?
2.6 acres

What is the projected value of our current property?
Our experts estimate the market value at $2.5 million. While there are no guarantees, the property has many attributes that make it attractive.

What is the principle reason to pursue new construction on this site?
It affords us the opportunity to plan and build a facility that specifically fits our needs and purpose statement for many years to come.

Will this development allow for adequate parking?
Yes. Between onsite parking and adjacent parking lots on both sides of our site, parking will not be an issue.

What will be adjacent (either side) of our building?
To the west are existing medical offices and a shopping center. Across V Street, our access road, a new elementary school is planned.

Who is responsible for developing infrastructure of the Marcola Meadows site?
The property owner. We will pay our share for improvements on our 8 acres commensurate with our plans.

What if we don’t raise the total amount needed for the land in the next three months?
A decision to take on additional debt would need to be approved by the board of directors at its April 14th meeting.

What are Barry’s long term plans?
Barry looks forward to continuing as Senior Pastor of Northwood for many years to come. His hope and prayer is to retire from ministry in about 10 years.

When will the campaign for a new building begin?
The next capital campaign will begin in 6-12 months when we have more information about the total building project cost.

Marcola Meadows Staff Prayer Walk